Akashic Record Level Three

Rewrite your karmic contract

Clear a path to create your future! Use the wisdom of the Akashic Records to continue your journey!

Transform unwanted patterns, create new possibilities and Rewrite your Karmic Contract!

Join me for a sacred and insightful workshop deepening your levels of spiritual guidance, growth, and illumination. Working with the WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS®, allows you to access possibilities now available to you. Meet the Karmic Board and explore new avenues of experiences as you write in the Records of your soul.

Akashic Records Level III- Participants have the opportunity to uncover, clarify, clear, and restructure at the soul level, which patterns and themes that are no longer useful and access guidance to activate future possibilities.

The purpose of this workshop is to:

  • Strengthen and deepen your connection in the Akashic Records
  • Clarify and transform personal beliefs
  • Access and reformulate the direction of your life
  • Discover, explore, and perceive new possibilities and create your map for the future.


The Akashic Record WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS® Workshops and Classes
are Designed to Provide Opportunity for Advancement and Growth

Upon completion of Akashic Records Workshop Levels I, II and III, the part of the Program that is designed for spiritual personal development, your growth has just begun as you have had the opportunity to:

  • Access your own Akashic Records, the Akashic Records of others and have learned ways to strengthen, expand and develop a mature relationship with Creator/Source
  • Learn ways to consciously create and make your own reality through the use of accessing deeper levels of conscious, transforming old patterns, outdated real-time manifestations, shift perceptions and move forward through the concept of Divine Grace
  • Learn to identify fears, beliefs and ways to shift, release and transform them to create greater function and purpose in your life
  • Establish your personal relationship with the Karmic Board and experience ways you may resource their qualities, wisdom and compassion









  • Awaken to deeper levels of understanding previously unknown as you become increasingly aware of your world, the authority that guides you and recognize ways available that provide you with the opportunity to create greater choice, freedom and possibility in your life
  • Access and read the Akashic Records for self and others, have had the opportunity and training to release programs of outdated Karma for yourself, worked with transforming fears and beliefs through the Records of others and have strengthened this foundation through practice and journaling
  • Receive a Certificate for each Level of the Akashic Records Workshop you have successfully completed and upon successful completion of Level III, receive a Certificate as Akashic Records Reader, accessing the Records through the WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS®